Monday, June 16, 2008

Website live

The official website for iSharephone is live. We have worked in the weekend to get the site done.
It is a small site but it has all the information it needs we think, the faq will grow in time and as soon as we have some nice screenshots it will be posted there too (first here ofcourse).
So take a look at or click the logo at the top.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creating the icon

The last day we brainstormt about the icon we are going to use for iSharephone. It must have 'the' look and we wanted to use it for the logo too so everything gives the same look and feel.

Sharepoint is about sharing items with each other so a icon with multiple people was the idea. More then two people because sharepoint is a portal where alot of people work together.
Then we tought to we should add something as an document because Sharepoint is about documents. But it was a little crowded and we founded it not shin enough. So we added more shininess and also added a person to make it wider.

Below is the end result which is now also on the site and we like it, hope you do too.

Monday, June 9, 2008

WWDC keynote 2008

Steve jobs did it again, everyone was curious what he had to say. It was a shame it was alot of demoing iphone apps, which were nice but we would like the real thing. Then he announced it would be july before the new firmware will be public that was dissapointing for me, i hoped it would be this week.

The good news was the notification service which i really going to implent in iSharephone so you are notified if a document as been added or you have some notification.

The 3G iPhone was expected but it looked better then i thought, also the announcement for the iphone for the netherlands is great, we are the latest europian country where it will be sold. This will hopefully make our app more attractive for the dutch market.

Iphone developer program

Today is the day we as Webstate we're accepted to the enterprise iphone developer progam.
Friday we received an email to fax some details about our organisation and we did immidaitly. We have been waiting for this moment for about 2 months.
I do not know how many dutch companies are accepted but we are one of the first i think?

All is ready now for some serieus coding and testing on a real iphone, simulator is nice but the real deal is beter!

Also the WWDC will begin today, unfortonatly i couldn't go next year! I was excited already but now i am thrilled..... what a day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sharepoint on wishlist asked some CIO's what they would like to see on the next version of the iphone. There were ofcourse GPS and 3G which were high on the lists but also Sharepoint.
This is ofcourse good news for us but we think it is a good point because there is alot of information on a portal and it is not accesible. They point out that you can access it with the browser on Windows Mobile, looks very awful and not everything is working, but not on a Blackberry.
This is what we want to change for the iPhone were you can access Sharepoint on a iPhone manner.

The artikel can be read here.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blog ready for use

The blog is ready for use and this is the first post of this blog.

What we want to accomplish with this blog is to let everyone see what we are doing to make iSharephone a succes.

I am diving into the iphone SDK to see what it can handle and if we can make it something beatiful. Learning more and more every day....